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2021: A Year of Possibilities

This year I began the year with Dry January. I have never done that, nor had any interest in doing so, before. The reason I chose to this year is because my sister said she was doing Dry January and that she had done it the year before. Honestly, I had no idea this was a thing. Since it is all over the media, I am not sure how it is possible that I missed this…but I did.

But why is Dry January important to me? To that question I may never find an answer, but I have spent the past few weeks analyzing this why, which led me to wonder why I do some of the other things in my life.

Work. To say that I procrastinate isn’t entirely accurate. When it comes to projects, my style is planning and thinking about it as much as developing the product. The issue I have is time management because exactly just how much time is spent planning vs. procrastinating or getting distracted? So, I began to question my method. As a result, I am trying out the Full Focus Planner method at the recommendation of my other sister. I’ve been to the website, watched some tutorials and even mapped out a few days on a plain piece of paper to test out the method…and Oh. My. Gosh. I have so much more time in my day! I immediately ordered the subscription and am anxiously waiting my first shipment. Great! Now what’s next when it comes to figuring out the “why” behind a lot of my actions? I am not sure but one thing I do know is that anything is possible!

So, when I say 2021 is a year of possibilities, I have proven to myself that I can become healthier, more organized, more productive, and most importantly still have time to work the way that I am used to working without changing much at all. By working to figure out why I do things I do I can make small changes on how and when I do them. I absolutely love going to wine tasting with friends, having a nice meal paired with wine, and celebrating life’s events with champagne.

As I transition from Dry January into February, my overall health and wellbeing is comprised of individual decisions made one at a time. Today alone I made at least 17 decisions which led me to writing this post and choosing a banana for a snack vs. some chocolate, which honestly, I thought about that chocolate for a good part of the day! It’s not about sacrificing; it is about considering why I do things and evaluating whether or not those things are working for me or against me. Each day we are invited to participate in our own lives and only I know me best and how to care for me. 

“Just have one good day. Then repeat.” -James Clear, author of Atomic Habits

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