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Ayurveda in Sedona

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Ayurveda is the science of life. It is more than 5,000 years old and provides insight on how to recognize and correct any imbalances you may be feeling both physically or mentally.

Understanding Ayurveda and how we are influenced by imbalances can tell us a lot about ourselves. When we are out of balance, we can feel it in our emotions, energy levels, digestion, and every area of our lives.

Are you experiencing inflammation, digestive issues, difficulty sleeping, or lack of energy? Ayurveda can help bring you back to your best self through personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Introduction to Ayurveda workshops occur throughout the year with the next one scheduled from 2-4pm on October 22nd 2022, January 14th 2023, March 11th 2023, and May 20th 2023.  You can also contact us to schedule a personal Ayurvedic consultation with Elle. 

For inquiries regarding upcoming workshops and Ayurvedic consultations please contact us via email.


Upcoming Ayurveda Events: 

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