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This workshop based on the modern-day scholar, the late Dr. Irving Janis, who's research thoroughly introduced the Groupthink concept, and who best answered questions regarding the Groupthink phenomenon. According to Janis, people often seek unanimous agreement in spite of contrary facts pointing to another conclusion. The workshop synthesizes Groupthink theory with a compelling video shown on the story of the Challenger, and conceptually, the video is the most definitive Groupthink example ever on the subject. Organizations will benefit from training with Groupthink and participants will gain an understanding of its eight symptoms and strategies for avoiding it. 


Your organization's team consensus-building and process-implementation can be positively changed through an understanding of Groupthink and the Challenger disaster. Also mentioned in the video are other historical events - the Bay of Pigs invasion, Pearl Harbor and the Cuban Missile Crisis - to explore and help demonstrate the phenomenon of Groupthink.

Workshop Duration: 2.5-hours - Email for more information.

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