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Managing Your Boss

This workshop is based on John Gabbaro's and John P. Kotter's Harvard Business Review article. To many people the phrase “managing your boss” may sound unusual or suspicious. But on the contrary, this phrase does not refer to political maneuvering or apple polishing, instead, this phrase is used to demonstrate the importance of consciously working with your boss to obtain the best possible results. Let’s face it: most bosses, perhaps even you, do not subscribe to or even know about the tenets of Emotional Intelligence (self-awareness; self-regulation; motivation; empathy; social skill). Hence if you want a better relationship with your boss, you cannot rely on him or her to fix it. In the end, you will need to put forth the effort to make yourself a more credible “organizational asset” in your boss’s eyes.​


Workshop Duration: 2.5-hours - Email for more information.

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