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The Abilene Paradox

Has fear lead you to say "yes" to a proposed group endeavor when "no" was your true response? People will often "go along to get along" if they have any doubt at all about what will happen if they present opposition. It's a common dilemma and the reason many organizational efforts fail. This video program depicts individuals who support plans they really don't believe in -- leading groups to meaningless, costly outcomes. 

The Abilene Paradox, 2nd Edition delivers an entertaining parable from management expert Dr. Jerry B. Harvey. This story of a family trip to Abilene offers a timeless lesson on group decision-making that all organizations can benefit from. Leaders must create a workplace where people are free to disagree and are encouraged to voice their true opinions. So the lesson is: Make sure you've received everyone's honest input on the action you're about to take.


The workshop includes exercises with a flexible design to help participants learn:

  • The five psychological principles of The Abilene Paradox

  • How to avoid false consensus and achieve effective decision-making within a group


This best-selling program has helped thousands of organizations increase profits and productivity by helping teams make better group decisions. Travel the road to Abilene and you'll arrive at a place where deeply held, logical values fall victim to group dynamics. It's a bumpy ride culminating in meaningless outcomes and blame, but you can "skip the trip" if you know how to read the road signs. 

Workshop Duration: 2.5-hours  - Email for more information.

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