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Management Time: Who's Got The Monkey? 

This workshop is based on William Oncken, Jr's. and Donald L. Wass' Harvard Business Review article. Does this sound familiar?  You’re racing down the hallway for another meeting.  A subordinate or colleague stops you and says, “We’ve got a problem.”  You immediately assume you should get involved but you can’t make an on-the-spot decision.  Instead, you say, “Let me think about it.”  Oh-oh!  That’s right!  You’ve just allowed a “monkey” to leap from someone else’s back to yours.  Unfortunately, if you take on enough monkeys, you won’t have time to handle your real job.


In this Harvard Business Review article, which uses the Monkey-On-Your-Back metaphor, this workshop discusses how you can push the monkey back to its original owner. 


Workshop Duration: 2.5-hours - Email for more information.

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